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Reborn Process

The Reborning Process

Reborning dolls is a time-consuming, very detailed form of doll artistry. Each doll is a work of art and can take hundreds of hours to do the 'Reborn' process.

The dolls have to be hand painted and baked layer by layer, as many as 8 layers. I use high quality Genesis paints. Attention to detail is extremely important. True skin-tones, veins, creases, blotching and delicate finger and toe nails will be the result. Fine grade Mohair or human hair is hand-rooted with a very fine needle 1 or 2 strands at a time and glued for realistic hair and eyelashes. The hair can be lightly washed, brushed and styled. All eyes are hand set. I use top quality glass eyes for realism. The doll is then weighted with small glass beads or poly pellets along with premium polyester filling to give it the weight of a real newborn. Eyebrows are delicately painted on with artist's choice of paint and lips are painted and sealed with satin finish. My reborns are made from the highest quality soft vinyl along with a cloth body that enables them to be snuggled.The reborn baby is then ready to be dressed. I always dress my reborns in brand-new boutique style clothing.

In the end, you have a life like doll that looks and feels real and is ready to be put up for adoption!

These dolls are heirloom quality Collector Dolls made to last a life time!


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